TECHA Price Beat Guarantee TECHA Price Beat Guarantee

Price Beat Guarantee, Always.

As a form of our commitment in giving you the best service, we are offering Price Beat Guarantee (PBG). If you find an identical product online with lower price than ours, we’ll be happy to price beat for you with 3 simple steps*. Read more below!

How to Get Our Price Beat Guarantee
1. Add item to cart
Add the item you want us to price beat to your cart.
2. Send a Link
Chat with us and send a live product link.
3. Accept Offer
We’ll offer you price beat on the item.
Terms & Conditions

1. Only applicable for a “like-for-like” basis. Product has to be identical with the same brand origin and model.

2. The competitor’s lower-priced product must be available (in-stock) during the time of Price Beat Guarantee.

3. Product link sent must be active with last purchased or reviewed within the last 30 days.

4. Price Beat will include any usable vouchers issued by Techabyte.

5. Approval may take up to 24 hours. Once we successfully offer a Price Beat Guarantee, the offer will be valid for an hour or otherwise invalid.

Any question? We’ll be happy to help!

Read our FAQ

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